Saturday, January 29, 2011

Japanese Tattoo Designs – What Are the Most Appealing Choices For Women?

It can take a lot of hard work and effort in finding the right tattoo design. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. Everybody wants to find something unique and different, especially when it comes to Japanese tattoo designs. Women especially love Japanese tattoos,

Beautiful Tattoo Designs

especially those with unique characters and flowers. The koi fish is another popular Japanese symbol often depicted in artwork.
When some people think of Japanese tattoos, they think of the Yakuza gangsters with their full body artwork. Indeed, for many centuries, criminals in Japans were about the only ones who got tattoos. To this day, many of the tattoo designs can be traced back to criminals from centuries ago. However, they have evolved a great deal, and the designs have gone through a sort of rebirth as of late. They have been taken apart and recreated with bright colors. They are often made into smaller designs, some of which are feminine.
The koi fish, for instance, used to be a traditional tattoo for men. Nowadays, many koi fish Japanese tattoo designs are for women. They represent beauty and strength both. They are often drawn with bright, vivid colors, with beautiful waves in the background. They can be simple and small or large and elaborate. The possibilities are endless.


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