Saturday, April 7, 2012

Talking Santa

APPS  rope to  all our thinkings and all like that another one popluar one is talking santa ,every amazed on talking santa
Talking Santa

Here another one repeating funny one repeating santa what ever you speak talking santa speak with you .But santa gift you more on apps go and grap the talking sant freee.But you  can tickle santa he laugh,You also has function to slap or poke santa but he not give you single gift ,but you good with sant he give you more gift


     Talk to santa he will repeat you what ever you speak
     Poke, swipe or tickle Santa to see his funny reaction and enjoy you with free mind
     k bore about speaking you have another option to run santa with a huge ball
     he give cookies and more gifts
     you have option to touch his bag and see how many gift you have
  Talking Santa Christmas Card


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