Friday, May 13, 2011

Girl Cross Tattoos Combines Religion and Style

Girl Cross Tattoos Girl Cross Tattoos Combines Religion and StyleGirl Cross Tattoos are the currently prevailing tattoo designs which have become a popular trend. These tattoos are inked as symbols which are distinct and unique. The one feature which distinguishes this variety of tattoo from others is the representation of Christianity as well as whole humanity. The history of inking cross tattoos goes back to the pagan era in ancient times. The Greeks and Egyptians later adopted this ancient tattoo design. But you are not required to be a devout Christian to ink the tattoo. There are some tattoo designs which are very popular due to their stylish look. These tattoos are inked in a number of different designs and styles which give the girl an option to reveal her inner Girl Cross Tattoos1 Girl Cross Tattoos Combines Religion and Styleself. Traditionally, these tattoos are believed to keep a person safe from any harm due to their religious attachment. Further, these tattoos are available for girls in both small and large sizes. So you can ink a large cross tattoo to cover your entire back or you can ink tiny cross tattoos on your anklet or wrist.
The girl cross tattoos inked with Celtic crosses are the most popular among these tattoo designs. The Celtic cross tattoo designs are full with intricate knot works without any ending or beginning. Most of the people choose these tattoos due to their beauty, but still then these tattoos also contain crosses which symbolize constant Girl Cross Tattoos2 Girl Cross Tattoos Combines Religion and Stylespiritual development. These tattoos carry a deeper meaning for Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descendants as they use these tattoos to show and carry their proud heritage.
Another popular design of girl cross tattoos is the designs containing the Iron Cross. The Iron Cross was originally used in the 14th century as the symbol of Teutonic Knights. In 1870 it was adopted as the military symbol in Germany. In modern times, these crosses represent honor and strength. The design of Iron Cross used in these tattoos is a much shorter version of the original Iron Crosses and at each end these are wider than their original versions. So girls wear these Girl Cross Tattoos3 Girl Cross Tattoos Combines Religion and Styletattoos to show their inner strength and honor.
Some of the girl cross tattoos use the Gothic cross and Christian cross in their designs. Normally the Gothic cross does not carry any religious or heritage value. Still it is used in the tattoo designs as it easily becomes the center of attention. Normally these crosses are inked along with knives, swords, or wires woven through it. Some popular designs of cross tattoos use the Christian cross in their designs. The Christian cross is generally inked as a Latin cross or the Crucifix. The Latin cross is a simple wooden cross whereas the Crucifix is inked with Jesus on it. These tattoos normally represent devout religious feelings of the bearer.


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