Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tattoo Designs US

Find Everything Necessary at Tattoos Designs US To Make The Dream Tattoo Decision Easy!
What is the one website displaying the biggest collection of online award-winning tattoo designs?
If the answer guessed is Tattoo Designs US, one brownie point is awarded to the body art devotee!
Featuring more than 3,000 tattoos in 40 plus categories, Tattoo Designs US has taken the time to create such an extensive collection of special designs because they understand the difficulty and how much of an obstacle it can be to find a dream tattoo using online facilities.
Males and females are as unique as their tattoos. And because there are certain designs that would only be seen on a woman or only seen on a man, the Tattoo Designs US website therefore provides images in categories meant only for one or the other of the two genders to ink onto their body.
Tattoo Designs US
Other categories such as Celtic tattoos, fairies and butterflies, cartoon characters, and lower back tattoos are just the beginning to the website’s design collection.
A variety of tips and tricks for the tattoo hobbyist is also available as part of the content on this company’s website.
A one-time fee of $24.95 unlocks membership to this site, a cost which is also fully refundable within a two-month period for anyone who is dissatisfied with the purchase. And for those who do want their money back, it is as easy as sending an e-mail to the website and a refund will be made with no questions asked of the customer.
When buying a membership, three free bonus items come along with the price. The first of these bonuses is the mechanism known as the Phrase Creator Widget.
The purpose of the Phrase Creator Widget function is to help inspire a person to come up with that phrase that is ideally suited to him or her, which can then be translated into Chinese, Hebrew, or Arabic if that is the route the customer chooses to embark upon. And not only will the widget feature translate an unlimited amount of names or words, it will also give a clear picture of what the word or name looks like in any of the three available languages.
The second bonus comes in the form of an audiobook, chock full of information on tattoos in general such as how to take care of one’s new work of body art once it has been completed; how to choose the best tattoo artist for the job at hand; how to choose the perfect tattoo for the interested customer; and the safety behind the tattoo practice and how a customer can avoid an infection.
Last, there is a style book entitled “Got Ink?” which provides a member with a variety of skin art photographs to go through in order to help make the decision on what tattoo to choose and on which part of the body it should go. Stylized living beings and tribal tattoos are two examples of the categories within this literature.
Find everything necessary to make the dream tattoo decision when logging onto now!


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