Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lower Back Tattoos

From the thousands of girly tattoo tips as the most worldwide famous tattoo type is named lower back tattoos. To say truth that type of body art hasn’t gone a easy path through the critics and anti-tattoo reviewers and the main reason was that, they believed lower back tattoos expressed girls’ vulgarity. But in reality lower backs express the passion, sexy & fashion style and the beautiful body art what is able to decorate females’ body in high levels.

Nowadays lower backs are very fashionable and are well-known as the trendy face of vogue, that’s why lots of Hollywood stars, pop and rock singers and other beautiful and sexy girls have them or are going to have. Best in lower back tattoos is that they can be hidden easily with the help of any cloth. So what are you waiting for? Go to a professional tattoo artist in whom you are sure that your lower back will look amazingly and make it, choose from the hundreds of designs and get pleasure from having it.

Popularity of the lower back tattoos has exceeded any expectations – after seeing star people having these tattoos, in world vogue market appeared a Barbie fashion doll with a lower back tattoo in 2009. Barbie expressed with its lower back the highest popularity of lower back tattoos, and to say truth after this event people began getting this tattoos so extensively that tattoo artists even do not remember such a popularity of any other tattoos.

Top 5 Lower Back Tattoo design List:
1. Star tattoos –Most common in star lower back tattoos are 3 beautiful blue stars.
2. Butterfly lower backs –soft and sexy, also are good to express your sexual and trendy style.
3. Tribal designs – Girls who have tribal tattoos are mostly full of energy, like clubs, are attractive girls and they feel the sense of living.
4. Japanese Kanji lettering – shows men that girl is sexy and girl’s unique character. males are mad about these type of tattoos, because it’s hard for them to guess females’ mind
5. Wing tattoos – these tattoos are able to express the female’s feelings, girls who are romantics, prefer to wing tattoos. They are sexy and stylish.


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