Saturday, June 11, 2011

Neck Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos used to be a taboo among women in the main society and the only people who could have them were men. Not just any men but men mostly found at the sea docks and ships.  But now tattoos are becoming common among women from celebrities to everyday people.  Chances are 50% of all your lady friends have tattoos or want to get one.  Neck tattoos for girls are among the favorites.
Neck tattoos for girls are increasing in demand among women who love or appreciate tattoos.  The area where most women want to have their tattoo at is on the nape.  She can always cover tattoo with her hair and if she wants to flaunt it for all to see, all she does is move or sway her hair to her sides.  Once you get a glimpse of those tattoos, you cannot help but give it a 2nd or 3rd glance.  There are many kinds of neck tattoos for girls one can modestly choose for her nape.  Here are some of the examples.
Floral tattoos
Floral or flower tattoos always speak of femininity – thus, making it very popular among women.  Every girl would love to have her favorite flower tattooed her nape.  Flower type tattoos will always look cute especially to women.  Aside from artistry, certain flowers have this significant meaning or symbolism that a woman would love to identify herself with.  Rose floral tattoo for example, denotes beauty and sacrifice.
Foreign Script Tattoos
Now you may wonder what her Chinese script tattoo means.  Either you know what it stands for or not, it just looks good in her nape to the point you yourself would like to have one.  Foreign script tattoos are becoming a fad among tattoo enthusiasts and hard core tattooists.  Among all the foreign scripts, the Chinese script is probably the most sought after neck tattoo for girls.
There are other foreign script tattoos found from different geographies that may catch your fancy.  If you’re the religious type or you’re a Christian then Hebrew texts tattoos will certainly appeal to you.  If you’re the new age type or some yoga practitioner then perhaps the Hindu script is just for you.  You just have to make sure that you know what it means before having it tattooed in your nape.
Butterfly tattoos
Butterfly tattoos maybe a common choice among women especially for the nape area.    Butterfly tattoos will always find a special place in a woman’s heart or more like on her nape.  Girls and women love butterfly designs not just for aesthetics but also what it symbolizes
There are other neck tattoos for girls that you can choose aside from the aforementioned three above. There are zodiac tattoos that will look good on your nape.  Your name perhaps would be a good choice to be tattooed on your nape as well as angels, symbols, and star tattoos.


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