Saturday, August 20, 2011

Intricate Beauty Of Tribal Tattoos                      Tribal Tattoos

The intricate detailing of most tribal tattoos requires a steady hand, and an attention to detail. The colors in tribal tattoos are traditionally solid blacks, and this adds to the difficulties of working with small intrinsic designs. The careful filling in of tribal tattoos must be completed for the tattoo to be correct. Solid blocks of color will show a mistake quite easily. Most tribal tattoos are only done by exceptionally skilled tattoo artist, with a reputation for excellence.
Acquiring a tattoo today is usually done for aesthetic reasons; the pleasure of having a new tribal tattoo to say something unique about you. In some countries women who cannot endure the pain of being inked, are considered cowards, and therefore not deemed worthy to endure the pain of childbirth. She would be unable to wed, or leave her father’s house without disgracing the family. Boy’s of the Maori tribes of New Zealand, were given their first tattoo upon completion of a dangerous task, if he did not complete the task, he was not a man, and could never bear the facial tattoos needed to prove his manhood.
Placement of the tribal tattoos on the body was once a crucial decision. Protection tattoos worn into battle had to be inked on skin that would otherwise be exposed to an enemies blow. Facial tattoos, such as those worn by Maori, were meant to intimidate the enemy, along with their ritualistic displays of exaggerated facial expressions, and warrior stances. Tribal Tattoos placed on the hands gave men added strength with a weapon, and allowed them to believe in their prowess as hunters, or warriors.


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