Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ethereal apparition...

Barielle Sneak a Peek
  • 3 coats - not patchy, flows beautifully
  • My name for it is way better than what Barielle called it IMO
  • It is neither white, nor grey, nor silver, it's just dreamily lovely
  • I think it's a vastly underrated polish in the blogosphere
  • Barielle are another company that have royally p!$$ed me off
  1. They had a UK online presence but the colours available were years behind what was available in the US, a very narrow range
  2. They packaged the bottles just jumbled in a bag so they'd break in the post!
  3. The colour 'swatches' online (snort of contempt) were the worst/least informative/most misleading I've ever seen
  4. They have now discontinued their UK business (few though the shades were)
  5. If they didn't produce some lovely colours and finishes it wouldn't matter a jot - but some of their output is really rather lovely - hugely exasperating


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