Friday, April 29, 2011

Aztec Girl Tattoo: A Legacy Art from the Ancient Tribes

Aztec Girl Tattoo Aztec Girl Tattoo: A Legacy Art from the Ancient TribesAztec girl tattoo is a design which is gifted to us by one of the ancient cultures who have participated in the art of tattooing. These tribals were considering tattoos as an art form infused with religion and rites of passage. The Aztecs have provided us a large number of tattooing ideas and designs. In a modernized society like ours, we no longer see the rites and passages similar to ancient civilizations; still we use the beautiful tribal tattoo design for their beauty and expressiveness. These tattoos are known for their distinct and elaborate patterns and their complexity. These are a number of shapes and designs which were considered by the Aztecs as Aztec Girl Tattoo1 Aztec Girl Tattoo: A Legacy Art from the Ancient Tribessacred.
Most of the Aztec girl tattoo designs contained some religious, spiritual, or ritual meaning for the ancient tribe. The Aztecs always considered art as of great significance and their children and women were taught the art of pottery making at young ages. There are designs of these tattoos which idolizes Uitzilopochtle, a God worshiped by Aztecs. Earlier these tattoos were of great important to Aztec Aztec Girl Tattoo2 Aztec Girl Tattoo: A Legacy Art from the Ancient Tribespeople and in the modern age the tattoo designs are in great demand due to their visual appeal. Earlier, the Aztec boys and girls were wearing tattoos indicating their devotion to a God. Most of the time these tattoo designs are inked on the wrist, chest or stomach areas.
For the Aztecs it was always very important to ink the Aztec girl tattoo deigns on a specific part of their bodies. The tattoos were inked by Aztec boys and girls irrespective of
Aztec Girl Tattoo3 Aztec Girl Tattoo: A Legacy Art from the Ancient Tribes
their ages. A tattoo on the chest, stomach, and wrist was an indication of the child’s commitment to the specific God. Further, each of these tattoo designshas their specific and individual design and pattern. These tribal believed in a large number of gods and there were a number of tattoo designs related to a specific god. These tattoos were inked to show the commitment to the specific god and honoring him. There are also Aztec tattoo designs which contain eagles, warriors, princesses, and even the Aztec calendar.
Most of the Aztec girl tattoo deigns use the sun as the Aztecs were considering the sun as the giver of life residing in heaven. Even the modern version of these tattoos use the sun, moon and stars in their designs. In the modern age we are fortunate enough to carry on the ancient culture of Aztecs and live through their beautiful images used in some of the modern tattoo designs.


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