Friday, April 29, 2011

Get to Know More about Filipino Tattoo Designs

Filipino Tattoo Designs Get to Know More about Filipino Tattoo DesignsThe Filipino tattoo designs have a very strong heritage in Philippines and are considered an important part of the tribal tattoo culture. But it is a dying art now with there being no effort to promote these tattoos. Since this country has been famous for its different tribes who hold their tattoos dear, there are many kinds of designs which are related to the ancient traditions. Religion forms the basis of these tattoos and both men and women love to cover their bodies with this intricate and colorful artwork. Since there were many tribes in the country, each of them had specific designs which differentiated one from the other. People belonging to a particular clan could be identified on the basis of the tattoos.
Filipino Tattoo Designs1 Get to Know More about Filipino Tattoo DesignsThe Filipino tattoo designs even depicted the various events in history which the people had gone through. Many stories related to important occasions were immortalized in the form of tattoos on the body. The children learnt about their ancestors from this artwork. The culture of Philippines is incomplete without a mention of the tattoos. With time, these designs were sported by other Asian countries like India and China. Traces of this culture can even be noticed among the tattoos used by Egyptians. The one main idea which filters out of every Filipino tattoo is its portrayal Filipino Tattoo Designs2 Get to Know More about Filipino Tattoo Designsof beauty, knowledge and bravery. The tribal people got themselves tattooed to uphold these values.
It is quite difficult to decipher the meaning behind Filipino tattoo designs. The designs are elaborate and have abstract meanings to them. The symbols and signs used in this artwork are similar to the Celtic style. Dragons form a part of these tattoos and so also many water animals. You can see many shells, whales, sea horses, dolphins and starfish inked on the bodies of these tribal people. Personality traits also find expression in these designs. These tattoos can be as varied as the tribes in this country.
Filipino Tattoo Designs3 Get to Know More about Filipino Tattoo DesignsThere are many other common objects which are used as Filipino tattoo designs. Many guys and girls have the Philippines flag drawn on their bodies. Other Filipino artwork is included with the flag to make the tattoo really unique. Most of these tribal designs take up a wide space and so the back and the abdomen are favorite places for inking the tattoos. Besides using images, the script followed in this country is also included in the tattoos making them look really exotic. The people here are also influenced by Christian religion and the related symbols. Crosses and angels are a common feature too. There are tattoos done based on the local flower Sampaguita which are quite beautiful. Since the land abounds with variety, the Filipino tattoo designs are also equally varied and attractive.


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