Heart Tattoos for Women Heart Tattoos for Women to Express their Love and CommitmentHeart tattoos for women have remained popular since their inception during the ancient times. People love to ink these tattoos for expressing their romantic feelings and love. As the image of heart is synonymous with love, many tattoo lovers ink these designs to express their undying love and commitment to each other. A large number of persons can be seen sporting these tattoos on their body parts along with the name of their partners. Also, Heart Tattoos for Women1 Heart Tattoos for Women to Express their Love and Commitmentsometimes a couple get matching tattoos inked on their body with the other’s name written across a cute heart image. But these tattoos may create some sort of problem when the couple decides for a break up as still the person has to carry and show his ex’s name to others. So you can see a large number of heart tattoos for women filled in for obscuring the name of their ex-lover. A large number of people still love to live with the unchanged tattoo designs as the person’s name has become a part of their life history.
Most of the tattoo lovers get these tattoos inked due to their association with heart tattoosHeart Tattoos for Women Heart Tattoos for Women to Express their Love and Commitmentconcepts like love and romance. But these designs include the images of a heart, which is considered as universal and powerful symbol. There are a number of people who get these designed inked as they believe that human soul is located in the heart. So they love to bear these designs as a representation of immortal soul. In Islam, heart is considered as the spiritual centre, Heart Tattoos for Women2 Heart Tattoos for Women to Express their Love and Commitmentwhereas Christianity considers it as the seat or human feelings like love and emotion. Heart tattoos for women are loved by people throughout the ages as these are inked to express as set of human feelings which are regarded as sacred and remained unchanged across past centuries.
The heart tattoos are versatile and inked by both men and women with a number of styles, patterns, and colors. There are the tribal versions of these tattoos which are inked in simple black names without being accompanied by any name. At the same time, the sacred heart tattoos represent a Christian concept and inked sporting a flaming heart surrounded by thorns. Many people even love to bear the pierced heart tattoos which symbolize romantic love by sporting a heart pierced by an arrow. The broken heart designs are also popular as a symbol of unreciprocated love similar to the bleeding heart tattoos. Most of the popular heart tattoos for women also uses both heart and rose in their designs as both these are the most romantic elements always associates with the concept of love.