Friday, April 29, 2011

The Trends of Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs 150x150 The Trends of Cross Tattoo DesignsAmong the religious symbols that are tattooed with wide range of designs, cross is the most popular one. Cross tattoos designs are the kind of body art that ink not only the religious symbol on your body, but also a sign of faith in Christianity. There are many reasons why people opt for get inked with cross tattoos. Some Cross Tattoo Designs The Trends of Cross Tattoo Designspeople display their faith in God Jesus where as others believe that the sign provides protections from negative forces in the surrounding. But most people prefer to get tattooed with cross symbols because of the incredible varieties of styles and designs available with cross tattoos.
The most common forms of cross tattoos are tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Old and New school of tattoo designs, etc. However, in a broad sense, they are categorized into two different types – Christian inspired cross tattoo designs and non-Christian cross tattoo designs. The Latin Cross, the Cross of Triumph, the Crucifix, the Russian Orthodox Cross, the Tau Cross, the Crusader’s Cross, the Anchor Cross are some examples of Christian inspired symbols that people love to get tattooed with. The popular non-Christian crosses that Cross Tattoo Designs1 The Trends of Cross Tattoo Designshave grabbed attention of tattoo seekers are the greek cross, native- and mesoamerican cross, chinese cross, handled cross, gammate cross, aztec cross, etc. Each of them has their unique look when they are tattooed and can add a significant meaning to the personality of the individual who wears it.
Cross tattoos have their craze across the world among the tattoo lovers. They are suitable designs for both boys and girls, and can be carved on back, shoulder, upper arms, and hands with different patterns. The good thing about cross tattoo designs is they look good in whatever form they are. The discerning tattoo aficionados experiment on cross tattoos to come up with designs that are blend of artistic and religious ideas.


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