Friday, April 29, 2011

Eyeball Tattoo as a Body Modification Technique

Eyeball Tattoo4 Eyeball Tattoo as a Body Modification TechniqueEyeball tattoo is used as a body modification technique like piercing, pearling, multiple implants, tongue splitting, and scarification. This is a tattooing technique not very much common and is not adopted by all. Normally these tattoos are liked by people who like to pierce and cut their bodies to make them attractive. People also use these tattoos as a means of altering their appearance and personality. In 2007, a Canadian man popularly known Eyeball Tattoo1 Eyeball Tattoo as a Body Modification Techniqueas Pauly Unstoppable tattooed his eyes eyeballs as a part of his body modification procedures. Even there were two prisoners who changed their normal eyeball color into red and blue for avoiding the cops. These alterations are also modern examples of usage of the eyeball tattoo designs for specific purposes.
Medically this technique of tattooing is known as corneal tattooing. As per this tattooing technique, the color of human eyeball is altered by injecting ink under the eye corneas. The ink used in the injection is the regular ink used for common tattooing. Even though the modern techniques make the tattooing Eyeball Tattoo2 Eyeball Tattoo as a Body Modification Techniqueprocedure simpler and easier; still the history of this tattooing goes back to more than 2 thousand years. The ancient people also knew the tattooing techniques and were using the tattoos to mask their eye defects like the white spots on eye cornea. Still the eyeball tattoo is prescribed medically for hiding some eye defects like leucoma opacities of the eyes. Most of the tattoo lovers like these tattoo designs with red or yellow colors as the colors give the designs a fresh, inspiring, and attractive look.
Eyeball Tattoo3 Eyeball Tattoo as a Body Modification TechniqueBut before wearing these tattoos on your eyeball, you also have to consider the medical risks attached with the tattooing techniques. This tattooing technique may result in blood vessel damage, perforation, hemorrhage or infection. So while wearing an eyeball tattoo you have to take the help of a professional doctor who has already mastered this tattooing technique. So you have to educate yourself about the pros and cons of the tattooing technique and make your own choice for wearing this tattoo design. Also, you can minimize the medical risks associated with this tattooing technique by consulting with a doctor who has mastered this tattooing technique and get the tattooing done by a professional with adequate training and experience. After wearing this tattoo, you will have to allow sufficient time to get it healed completely. Initially, you will feel like something is stuck in your eyes along with some redness. The primary healing process for this tattoo takes about a week.


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