Monday, May 14, 2012

Eye Candy London Lights

My new favourite flakies £6 over Jessica Rolling Rose

  • They flash silvery blue - that's why I like these so much
  • Plus point 2 -they're far the biggest shards in any flakie polish I possess
  • Plus point 3 - they're much more '3D' than others - feel watery (in a good way) and floaty - they have depth
  • The other two I have are GOSH Rainbow and Nubar 2010 which are much more orange
  • I'm sure the lights of London cast a nasty sodium glare (if truth be told)
  • But this is Jubilympics 2012 and we have to pretend everything's just peachy in the good ol' UK
I would heartily recommend this. Most heartily



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