Friday, May 11, 2012


The ramlan festival  will  start  on july20 2012. The fastings will  take  by the muslims on the night of the july 20,the ramalan is the greatest valuable month in the islamic calendar while comparing to other months. what is the purpose of taking the fasting means to know the value of the food and what is the need of the food. in maximum places in the world the food can be wasted in many ways many of the people in the poverty and inneed of the food, in quran allah says that the importance of the ramalan.In the ramalan the muslims share their foods to all of their neighbours and their friends the fasting time should be 3.00A.M. to 6.30P.M.
in the arabia the ramalan is celebrated in the wonderful manner they arabians  do the prayer even in roads also
thus the ramalan is begginning in a beautiful manner.


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