Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is this kitsch?

Behold 3 'bracelets'. My post is about the middle one.
  • Got this from the British Heart Foundation shop in town. The shop is very bright and clean and has some good stuff. They had a few of these so I imagine they are part of their limited new (not 2nd-hand) ranges.
  • The stretchy bracelet has a lovely heavy feel to it. Like haematite. £2.99.
  • Upon it are applied colourful transfers.
  • Hence my question.
  • Transfers of Jesus, Mary, angels and (what looks like) a mediaeval Pope.
  • Very bright transfers.
  • I call this kitsch.
  • Would you agree?
  • I'm not a Catholic. I'm a Quaker.
  • I hesitated about buying it but I'm not sure why. Aesthetically I like it very much so why the reservations?
  • What d'you think?
  • Does the religious iconography make it something one should ponder about before buying?


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