Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jubijelly glitter sandwich

Color Club mini, OPI mini, FlorMar 066, FlorMar 001, Revlon Royal, Jessica Red Tint
  • Hm....
  • The glitter just looks like I've got a fungal infection or something
  • It was silver glitter which is more appropriate to a 25th Jubilee and that was 1977 so maybe that's where I went wrong...yeah, right
  • Maybe 35 years ago this would have looked OK (not it really wouldn't)
  • Had to use so many variations of white there must be a squillion layers on there 
  • And how come I can't file my nails square? I always end up with a dip in the middle!!! *hopeless*
I'm going to keep trying until I get a credible Jubilee mani. This is odd because I'm more of a republican (not in the American sense, I'd like to point out) than a monarchist but the Queen's a decent enough old bird. I don't begrudge her a long life and an unblemished career.



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