Monday, April 11, 2011

Esther Hanuka Tattoo Lady

  My tattoo represent my life the inside is a pic of me being a bad girl devilish style tattoo because it represents how i was feeling during my divorce and the outside of my arm is me with angel wings with my eyes closed and that means i learned to b happy on my own and i don't need anyone ;) the bottom half is cartoon characters that represent each one of my kids i had while i was married .. and then on the bottom of my wrist is my mothers name in Hebrew because with out her I wouldn't be here ;) ..

I also have my fathers name on my other wrist since they are the closest people to my heart aside from my kids and fiancee.:)
Every one of my tattoos have deep meaning to them my starts on my lower stomach is what my name means in Hebrew ...

I plan on getting more but cant tell u what it will b its a surprise ;) xoox


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